Opportunity Zones will be one of the most transformative engines for economic growth, job creation, and innovation of our time.

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The legislation states that investors in Opportunity Zone funds will:

  • Receive a tax deferral on capital gains
  • A step-up in basis
  • Not pay new capital gains tax if they hold for 10 years or more in an Opportunity Zone fund

The time to get involved in domestic emerging markets is now

Hypothesis will build and invest in startups focused on Opportunity Zones and the founders living in them.

Included as part of the Investing in Opportunity Act of 2017, Opportunity Zones were created to spur capital infusion into underserved geographies through brand new tax incentives.
Investors can roll-over capital gains into opportunity funds – special investment vehicles that will deploy their capital in these predetermined opportunity zones.

Opportunity Zones represent a massive opening for up to $6 trillion to be invested in over 8,000 underinvested communities.*

Given our focus on domestic emerging markets, 
Hypothesis is poised to participate.

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