We get in the trenches and know what it takes to build companies.

we’re more than just money

We roll up our sleeves to help every startup we work with. We’re in this together.

You hear the term “value add” thrown around a lot these days, but what does that mean to a startup? To us, “value add” means getting to know each and every founding team as if they’re part of our own team – because they are. It means listening to the needs of our startups instead of providing cookie-cutter solutions. Most importantly, “value add” to us means working hard alongside our teams to help bring their great ideas to market – faster.

We understand that the initial needs of a startup can be overwhelming, which is why we’re set up to provide our companies with as many resources as possible: product development + design, marketing + pr, business development + strategy, organization + hiring.

our portfolio companies say...

“Bong is by far the most hands-on and helpful investor any entrepreneur can ask for (we have 10+ in our round). He gives you real advice & no bs. You can trust him to come through when you need him to; if you can somehow get him to be on your team, consider yourself VERY lucky ... we certainly feel that way”

- Jerry Jao CEO

“As a founder from outside the typical East and West Coast ecosystems, having someone like Peter to work with, vent to, and simply chat with has been incredibly valuable. In the early days especially, Peter always helped me define concrete strategies and focused goals, and along the way provided invaluable coaching when the going got tough. Peter continues to be an incredible asset to our business, and it’s been a true honor to get to know him”

- Jonathan Polter
CEO @PawnGuru

"Working with Justin is fantastic! The whole MindMate team felt very comfortable during the redesign process of our app, as we knew that we're in the best hands with Justin. The quality of his work was perfect, and even after the project was finished, Justin regularly checked in to see how the actual implementation of the design went. All in all, Justin's design is a game changer for MindMate."

- Susanne Mitschke
CEO @ Mindmate

“Bong pulls from a huge wealth of experience as an operator and seasoned fundraiser. He's been extremely valuable with fundraising strategy and helping us recruit/screen key hires. He was also highly recommended by his portfolio companies and entrepreneurs.”

- David Cristello
Founder @Jetpack Workflow

"Peter is an absolute asset to anyone lucky enough to meet and work with him. As an investor, he puts in all his effort to a project as if he started it on his own. As a mentor, he is able to provide real world knowledge and recommendations based on all his past experiences and this is truly something money cant buy. It's an honor and a privilege to continue to work with Peter and I look forward to many more years of learning, collaboration & teamwork."

- Khaled Nasr
Cofounder & COO, Medely

"If you get the chance to work with Bong, do it immediately. He's one of the most straightforward and helpful investors I've ever worked with. Far too often founders are forced to work with investors who brutally care about returns without rolling up their sleeves; it's refreshing to have someone on your team who understands the process and puts in the work to help you succeed."

- Allison Kopf
Founder @Agrilyst