Adam Winnick

Founder, Caravan Growth

Adam Winnick is an experienced founder, investor, and business development advisor with an expertise in bringing break-through technologies to market.As a founder, Adam has created businesses in a wide range of industries. Adam co-founded ITU Ventures, one of the first seed-stage investment firms to recognize the need for specialization in the VC industry by stage. At ITU, Adam spun several break-through technology companies out of universities such as CalTech and helped founders source critical strategic partnerships and initial capital.Recognizing the opportunity that developments in cloud-based infrastructure and the open-source community would have on industrial applications, Adam co-founded iCrete, one of the first data analytics companies to establish value-based pricing in any industry - in this case the bulk construction material industry.Adam has invested in dozens of technology start-ups and worked with several of them in an advisory capacity, assisting with business development and strategy.In 2016, Adam founded Caravan Growth, to provide equity and debt capital, as well as hybrid solutions to later-stage high growth technology companies globally. Adam is also a Member of the Los Angeles Mayor's Council on Technology and Innovation.Adam started his career on Wall Street at CIBC assisting in the origination of high yield financings and then investing across the capital structure in a variety of industries.