Jacklyn Rome

Founder & CEO, Onward

Jacklyn is currently the Founder and CEO of Onward, a FinTech app which helps the 55 million divorced and separated co-parents in the US more easily manage shared expenses for their children.

Jacklyn's entire career has been centered around a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. She began her career as a consultant to early stage founders, helping them prepare to raise funding and launch their businesses. From there she spent a couple years in venture capital, understanding how start-ups are evaluated. In 2015, Jacklyn joined Uber, where she led a competitive strategy team and launched a new commuting product called ExpressPOOL. After leaving Uber, Jacklyn joined Blue Apron as Sr. Director of New Business Channels, where she ideated and launched a new on-demand delivery channel. Jacklyn holds a BSc in Business Administration from Boston University and a MSc in Finance from ESADE Business School in Barcelona.